Xmas Stage

The trees do not actually get in your way here but gas becomes a major factor.

The top vehicles for Xmas stage are Truck 1921m, Tank 3073m & Dune Buggy 2590 m.

Countryside Stage

Majority of the vehicles are able to perform ok at this stage. After you hit 2k meter mark, there will a few hills which can be quite tricky.

The best vehicles to use are Dune Buggy 2223m, Jeep 2154m & Monster Truck 2156 m.

Desert Stage

In deserts, traction will play an important part. You can go with the Monster Truck, Truck 2872m or even Tank 3051m.

Arctic Stage

Dune Buggy 3219 m, Quad Bike 2431 m & Snow Mobile 2563 m are the best vehicles for Arctic stage.

Moon Stage

You can get good ride with tank on the moon due to its tracks. Hence, the Tank 1253 m and Rally Car 1090 m are highly recommended.

Highway Stage

Truck 14678 m and Kiddie Express 18028 m can prove to be quite effective on highways.

Cave Stage

It is better to use shorter and slower vehicles. So, Dune Buggy 2876 m & Jeep 2369m can be your best bet.

Mars Stage

This stage combines moon & cave. It is suggested to move steadily here. Go with Tank 1562 m & Jeep 1586 m.

Alien Planet Stage

You can pick between Snow mobile 2351 m, Race Car 1257 m and Jeep 1313 m at the alien planet.

Arctic Cave Stage

This is similar to a slicker form of the cave. So, Dune Buggy 1910 m & Snowmobile 1159 m can come quite handy.

Forest Stage

For forests, you could try out Tank 1727 m or Monster Truck in order to get the best results.

Mountain Stage

Your best choice at the mountain stage is to ride vehicles which seem effective at making steep & short climbs. The Tank 2114 m, and the Hovercraft 1434 m are the 2 top vehicles we suggest here.

Mud pool Stage

During the Mud pool stage, traction becomes one of the major issue. Use the Dune Buggy 2266 m or the Tank 2023 m at the mud pool stage.

Volcano Stage

At this stage, jumping the fire gets really critical especially if you have less gas to use. Try to get any one of the vehicles mentioned below:

  1. Tank 2958 m or
  2. Monster Truck 2071 m

Beach Stage

The beach stage is very upfront because the dunes offer a good traction.

The Dune Buggy 4357 m and the Tank 5694 m can work well here.

Roller Coaster Stage

First Choice: Dragster 3991 m

Second Choice: Rally Car 1562m

Third Choice: Race Car 2652m

The above list covers most of the important stages. If you are finding it tough to pass through these stages, then we highly suggest you to check out the hill climb racing cheats program which gives you all the upgrades totally for free. The Hill Climb Racing hack tool makes it super easy to pass any of the stage present in the game.